Scalp Tattooing

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Hair loss is something that affects a vast number of people today, with 8 million men experiencing hair loss in the UK and an estimated one million women suffering from the clinical disorder Trichotillomania.  Many people have parts of their body where hair just simply will not grow.


Whether it is recreating hair follicles to give the illusion of stubble, or drawing on hair strokes to make hair appear thicker, by adding pigment to the affected area we can replace the existence of hair.


The Hair Follicle Recreation treatment is designed to work on smaller areas rather than large.  Scalp tattooing uses a process of adding pigment to the affected areas in order to replicate the existence of hair.


The initial Hair Follicle recreation treatment takes an hour. Each retouch session takes an hour. Scalp tattooing is not suitable for larger areas or for male pattern baldness.


Price on consultation.