Areola and Nipple Tattooing

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Post reconstructive breast surgery - cosmetic or post mastectomy.  Breast reconstruction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery in today's society, not only for beauty requirements, but for medical purposes also. Such a procedure however, can leave an areola/nipple missing or at least damaged in some way.


Over a series of sessions, our Nipple Areola Complex (NAC) Tattooing can add layers of colour and redefine a shape.  If the area is Bi Lateral we will take into account skin tone to provide you with the most natural colour possible.  For Uni Lateral patients we will simply choose the closest colour match.  For medical patients we can also provide a 3-D nipple if it is missing or lacking. This gives the illusion of protrusion.

Breast reconstruction can also leave scars.  For example in a reduction, an inverted ‘T’ shaped (or ‘anchor’) scar. Although they will fade over time, micropigmentation can help disguise or speed up this process.  Two different techniques can be used: MCA (a dry needling technique) or by camouflage colour being introduced into the area.


Some clients request nipple colouration to create either a stronger areola or to enlarge or reshape their areola/s for cosmetic purposes. We can help with darkening or resizing.

The initial 3D Nipple Post Mastectomy treatment takes an hour.  Each retouch session takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

We also offer Tittooing which is a much more creative self expressive form, creating colourful looking shapes on women’s areolas    With clients requesting heart or star shaped nipples, the effect is very striking. 

The procedure is virtually painless, very quick and easy. The shape of the new areola is drawn on and then the area gently coloured in.  The perfect nipple can be created in an hour long session.


The initial Tittooing treatment takes up to an hour and a half.  Each retouch session takes between 30 minutes and an hour.  Two sessions are required, with a minimum of a 4 week gap inbetween.  An annual colour boost is recommended to keep the colour looking fresh.

Prices from £150 to £200 per treatment per session.