Beauty Spot

For examples of our beauty spot work please click here

A beauty spot is simply a mark that looks like a freckle or a mole.  In ancient times people believed a mole was a mark of beauty and used coal to apply them.  Over time, this grew in popularity until shapes such as hearts and boats, or sometimes even a tiny image, had become fashionable.

Nowadays, the spot is placed in pencil, usually above the lip or just under the eye.  

The spot cannot be placed over an existing mole and Medicos does not tattoo beauty spots in black as these can turn blue over time.  We use a very dark brown instead.  Two treatments are needed in total and then an annual colour boost will be needed to keep the beauty spot looking fresh.


It will look darker and larger immediately after the treatment but as soon as it heals and the light scabbing comes away (3-7 days), the true colour will come up (approximately 4 weeks).

Prices are £200 per treatment per session.