Semi Permanent Make-up for Wrinkle Rejuvenations

Wrinkle & Rejuvenation
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Wrinkle & Rejuvenation

Iron out those creases…

Wrinkles are one of the many "bains" in life we are all faced with when we grow older.

Wrinkles cannot be avoided as they are caused by the loss of elasticity in the skin as we age. They can however, be significantly reduced using a technique involving a needle which causes "microtraumas". The result of this treatment is that wrinkles are significantly reduced with a plumping up of the lips and reduction of lines surrounding the eyes.

What could be better than stimulating the body to correct its own small imperfections!

*NB – Permanent Wrinkle treatment takes approximately an hour. Retouches can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. No guarantees can be given, as the procedure is more successful in some compared to others. We recommend MINERAL MAKE-UP for post procedure cover.