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Tittooing is the cosmetic procedure taking the UK by storm!

Traditionally areola tattooing was developed about 15 years ago, aimed at breast cancer patients to create a realistic looking nipple/areola after breast reconstruction. Today, Tittooing has taken on a much more creative self-expressive form, creating colourful looking shapes on women’s areola. With clients requesting heart or star shaped nipples, the effect is very striking. Breasts can look a lot perkier and rectify any asymmetry or heighten the natural position of the nipple.

‘Of the five clients I see each week to have their nipples and areola tattooed at least one now asks for it as a cosmetic procedure’Kelly Forshaw, Medicos London Director, Key Trainer and Medical Technician

The procedure is virtually painless, very quick and easy. The shape of the new areola is drawn on and then the area gently coloured in. The perfect nipple can be created in an hour long session. *NB – Customers need to be made aware that colour does fade over time, especially after sunbathing or sunbed use. The initial Tittooing treatment takes up to an hour and a half. Each retouch session takes anything between 30 minutes and an hour. Two sessions are required, with a minimum of a 4 week gap in-between. The total cost for both sides comes to a total cost of around £400. An annual colour boost is recommended to keep the colour looking fresh.