Semi-Permanent Make-up for Scar Treatment

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Scars are usually a result caused by a trauma or accident whereby the skin has been broken. They can also be caused by surgery. Either way it can sometimes leaving large white scars on your body. This healed scar, white in colour, can be successfully camouflaged by using a technique called (MCA). This scar treatment is used to help camouflage scars and is performed over a number of sessions.

The MCA technique is the most preferred method of camouflage in the first instance. If the colour reappears naturally, the scar will tan in the sun and get paler in winter compared to patients with normal skin.

*NB – The initial Scars treatment takes up to an hour as does each follow up retouch session. Scar camouflage is a multi treatment procedure. If MCA is unsuccessful then colour can be tattooed in reducing the white-scar look.