The following cosmetic treatments usually require two sessions: eyelash enhancement, basic eyeliner, block brows, powder brow, hair stroke brow, lip liner and lip blush.
A minimum of a four week gap is required between sessions.

ENHANCEMENTS AND RETOUCHES - Enhancements and retouches are recommended annually so as to colour the colour and shape fresh.

ADVANCED PROCEDURES - The following advanced procedures will require multiple sessions in addition to initial treatment: Latino & Smudged eyeliner, coloured eyeliner and full lip colour

The following medical treatments are multisession:
Areola (NAC), Scars, Burns. Cleft Lip, Vitiligo., Skin Graph, Scalp Camouflage, Skin Camouflage & Tattoo removal.

All Cosmetic, Medical treatments, enhancements and advanced procedures are £200 per area, per session.

Your Technician will advise you how many appointments may be needed to create your desired result.


A one off Meso Therapy session is £100 and a course of 8 is £600 (£75 per session. This is equivalent to a saving of £200)

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