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As featured in The Daily Express

By Alison Coleman, Daily Express, Tuesday April 10 2007

Semi-permanent make-up, otherwise known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is taking the beauty and aethetics industry by storm. Smudge-Free, a leading provider of the treatments, offers a range of training courses. These range from beginners’ courses, which cover the beauty side, to advances courses which focus on the paramedical requirements.

Eyebrow enhancement and lifting, lip volume and balancing, and eye enhancement are among the cosmetic applications.

Meanwhile, those with vitiligo can have their skin tones evened out and cleft lip sufferers can be given back full symmetry and the colour blending tp restore the balance of the mouth.

Smudge-Free practitioner and trainer Andrew Stassi said: “You gain so much satisfaction from helping those ho have been disfigured through accident or natural causes.”

Treatment involves implantation of hypoallergenic iron oxide micro-colour pigments into the skin using digitally controlled equipment. The procedure takes about an hour and the pigment remains in the skin for up to three years.

Training courses at Smudge-Free last about four days and are offered on a one-to-one basis, allowing students maximum opportunity to develop their skills.

Mr Stassi assed: “You don’t need to have a beauty salon background to learn this technique. But you do need artistic fair, an eye for detail and a compassionate nature.

Finishing Touches, a leading provider of micropimentation, also runs practitioner training courses and offers a number of free workshops up and down the country. It will also help to get you started, with marketing support and advice on how to sell yourself when approaching salons as a practitioner.

Kelly Forshaw, Managing Director of Medicos, a micropigmentation provider, is also a trainer for Finishing Touches. She said: “The resut of this treatment are amazing, so there is a huge demand for practitioners.”

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