Ashlea Cormack

Ashlea Cormack

Originally from Leeds Ashlea joined Medicos London in October 2012.

After completing art college, having always been passionate about beauty from a young age, Ashlea decided to pursue a career within the beauty industry. Through attending one of the best colleges in Yorkshire, a window of opportunities was opened. Ashlea’s passion for beauty and natural artistic ability were the perfect combination for venturing into Medical tattooing.

‘I am passionate about semi-permanent make up and medical tattooing. It is something I thoroughly enjoy. My specialist treatment is eyebrows, eyebrows and eyebrows’ - Ashlea Cormack, SPMU Medical Technician for the North of England

Ashlea now counts Meso Therapy and tattoo removal as one of her many skills. Having recently been promoted to SPMU Medical Technician for the North of England, Ashlea strives to use her skills in making people feel good about themselves.

With over 20 salons in the North of England and a loyal client database, Ashlea hopes to extend her clinics in the near future.

Ashlea’s accomplishments…

  • Ashley has specialised in threading and semi-permanent lashes for over three years.
  • Ashlea has worked in a number of beauty salons across the country including working as an eyebrow technician for Award Winning ‘Brow Guru’ Shavata. She knows everything you need to know about creating the perfect arch!

Ashlea Loves…

  • ‘I love making my clients happy and confident. It’s not just a treatment, it can change people’s lives’.
  • ‘I am passionate about semi permanent make up and medical tattooing, it is something I thoroughly enjoy"

Ashlea’s tips…

  • ‘Its all about the eyebrows in my opinion. Good brows will make you look fabulous and lift the face without the need for the surgeon’s scalpel’
  • ‘If you suffer from sparse or over-plucked eyebrows what better way to correct them than with one of our semi-permanent make up brow treatments’
  • ‘Always remember that you have two sessions for each treatment of semi permanent make up. With eyebrows for example it’s better to start off with a simple shape that suits you as advised by a Medicos Technician. Although thick, dark eyebrows may be in fashion at the moment, they may not suit you.
    Remember less is best!. You can always build up to thicker and darker brows when your used to what"s there’.
  • ‘Semi permanent make up does fade very quickly, especially after your first session. I always recommend that clients tint their eyebrows when their scabs have come away. If they feel very light, you can always go over the shape with an eyebrow powder or pencil before the second session’.

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